Published: 10/11/2004
By Keith Hannaleck
New York, NY-10/08/04-The old-school-meets-alternative rock band Transcendence (TMG Records) are making quite a buzz these days with their catchy alt-rock radio smash Superhero Girl, and the flurry of anticipation over their soon to be released CD Nothing is Cohesive. But the band has found a new slant in their rock ‘n’ roll marketing plan; a combination of something old and something new, much like their music. T-Shirts have always been part of the package for a band, only this time you can choose from an entire line of over 20 shirt designs. From their provocative What Can I Do To Sleep With You shirt, taken from the title of their current album Sleep With You, to a politically unnerving camouflage T, lets put it that way, this band knows how to get to the heart of the matter without any fluff.
The band’s flamboyant singer Ed Hale, (who has lately been spotted dressed up as an army general protesting the war in Iraq), says that the Sleep With You shirts are the most popular while the Superhero Girl (the current hit off their new album) shirts are selling faster than the band’s record label can sell them.
This is much more than good marketing by a rock band; it is people standing up for what they believe in. The popularity of the shirts is a good indicator of how the band’s audience feels about the issues that the colorful attire address. Music and politics never did get along very well because musicians have a tendency to tell it like it is rather than beat around the bush or sugar coat anything. The band’s stylish and provocative T-shirts get that point across loud and clear. Get your choice of T-Shirts from Transcendence so you can make a statement and look good doing it, let’s rock!
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