Transcendence singer Ed Hale with mission group in Ghana Africa
TRANSCENDENCE lead singer Ed Hale recently returned from a two-week home building mission trip in a remote village in the country of Ghana in Africa. The trip was sponsored by Habitat for Humanity and Christ Church United Methodist in New York City. Several videos of the trip were also posted to YouTube on the TranscendentTVchannel. Photos and slideshow, and Hale’s personal comments and blogs about the trip can be had by clicking here:


Thanks to an external hard drive found by longtime Transcendence graphics guru Eduardo Silva, a batch of previously thought lost forever video files have surfaced, some nearly twenty years old, featuring a very young Ed Hale, aka Eddie Darling. This post includes a local Miami newscast on Channel 6 circa 1988. Featuring Ed Hale and his fellow bandmates in Broken Spectacles when they were still in college and other South Florida alumni such as Matthew Sabatella and Jim Camacho.

The Great Mistake by Transcendence

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TRANSCENDENCE finally resurfaces from the recording studio with TWO NEW ALBUMS!!!
The band had been holed up without a break for the last five months in the recording studio finishing their newest CD, “All Your Heroes Become Villains”, an intense labor of love that took nearly two years to complete.
Not only did they finish that one, but they tracked and finished another tasty full-length as well, which is being called “The Great Mistake.” When producer Fred Freeman (Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory) who was recording the group and mixing the “All Your Heroes” CD in Studio B would leave for the night, the group would grab an assistant engineer and head into Studio A where they tracked 13 more songs into the early morning hours.
While the “All Your Heroes” CD is on the deep dark heavy moody and conceptual side, “The Great Mistake” CD is more of a sweet and catchy sweaty garage-rock and power-pop morsel that harkens back to the sound of their last CD Nothing is Cohesive. The band has never sounded more lively rocking and tasty. For a moment it seems they put their eclectic expermental agenda aside, picked up their instruments, and just rocked the house, recording most of the songs live as a five-piece band.
In fact, what you hear exclusively on are “all faders up, live in the studio” versions of the songs that have not been mixed yet. Zach Ziskin of Hilary McRae fame is currently mixing the songs for a spring ‘08 release date.
While “All Your Heroes…” may be a deep dark beautifully emotional head-trip, “The Great Mistake” CD would be the soundtrack to a ‘put the top down and drive fast’ road trip.
It is a collection of 12 songs the band recorded live in the studio with a stripped down drums, bass, two guitars, electric piano and vocals format. No DJ, no producer, no orchestration, and no additional outside musicians to the band’s basic five-piece line-up.
Simply put, “The Great Mistake” is a rocking good time with some of the catchiest songs the band has ever recorded — all falling under the three-minute mark — in sharp contrast to the “All Your Heroes…” CD, the longest song clocking in over seven minutes.
Tracklist for “THE GREAT MISTAKE”
03.Baby Bop
04.Nobody’s Listening To You
05.Mongo Kitty
06.Carol’s Catastrophe
07.I remember you
08.Jet Lag
09.The Divine Miss M
10.Who Ya Gonna Fuk
11.Hot Down
12.Quand Tu Mmm (Lust In Central Park)