Transcendence Singer Ed Hale Introduces Project

A newly ramped-up web2.0 version of the non-profit website has been released. The website features a comprehensive database of thousands of links to charitable causes, non-profits, and volunteer opportunities for people who want to get more out of life by giving. From political activism to helping women in need, from Africa to children’s charities, the links are categorized to make the website easy to navigate and features a search function to facilitate finding the right fit for whatever might interest someone who is interested in lending a helping hand and making the world a better place. While you’re searching for your next cause du jour, help others find what’s right for them by sharing your own experiences. The website offers visitors the opportunity to post comments and share their own stories with others about charities and causes that they have donated to or supported or volunteered for. As always also offers anyone the chance to submit links to their own favorite causes and charities and submit articles and essays about current needs in the world. This keeps the site an ongoing and constantly evolving community-based project.
This year is celebrating its 10th year. The project was started in 1998 by singer/songwriter Ed Hale of the rock group TRANSCENDENCE. To read more about the project click here.

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