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Transcendence singer/songwriter Ed Hale and Princeton University Professor Dr. Cornell West.
The Ambassador said “as always Dr. West was at his cerebral best, inspiring, intriguing and intoxicating the intellect so much that one dared wonder if there was anyone else alive on planet earth in that moment as interesting or thought provoking. The man was on fire.”

Official Release Date for New Ed Hale Solo Album Announced

Cover of new Ed Hale album Ballad On Third Avenue - package design by Gina RowlandNow official. The new ED HALE solo album Ballad On Third Avenue hits retail stores nationwide and 250 online digital stores and portals on June 16th, 2009. To receive updates and hear the first songs/MP3s for free as soon as they are released, sign up either at,,, or the Ed Hale PAGE on Facebook. (Only one is necessary) Free song streams and downloads will start posting in May, as well as the first music video.