Endless greed, war, exploitation, lies. Turn the anger and outrage into a guitar riff, and you have the pulsing heart of “Blind Eye,” the latest free MP3 release from All Your Heroes Become Villains by Ed Hale and The Transcendence. The riff, accomplished by some tricky open-D tuning by Hale, and then mirrored by syncopated bass (Roger Houdaille) and drums (Ricardo Mazzi), sets the emotional tone, giving the listener more than a hint where the song is going.
“It’s cynical as hell but I think it’s how a lot of us feel right now in the US; and all over the world,” says singer Ed Hale. “You [politicians, elected officials] can do whatever the fuck you want to. I’m sick of your lies. I’m sick of your endless wars. So here’s the deal: do whatever you want to. I’m sick of fighting you. So I’m going to turn a blind eye to you and your wicked bs because I’ve got a life to live. But just don’t mess with me or my family. Don’t come near my home. Don’t come near my work or my family. And don’t ask me to help you in your quest to destroy the world.”
Hale’s haunting lyrics, “Everything I hear/And everything I see/I won’t be afraid/You won’t bother me/All your evil ways/With everything you do/I will turn away/You won’t bother me,” are delivered with such steady resolve that you can almost picture the sneer on his face while he sings. The refrain, “Murder Greed Destruction Exploitation Rape Sex and Violence/Take your money Take your money Take your money” whispered quickly and venomously, came from a list Hale wrote of all the things he was protesting at the request of Producer Fred Freeman. About halfway through, “Blind Eye” begins to spin out of control into a giant convulsive climax: vocals, guitar, drums, bass and effects all coming together in a climactic representation of the chaos and evil present in the world today. This is about as heavy as Transcendence has ever gotten in song. And it’s very, very good.
Download the mp3 from Green Light Go or stream it below from SoundCloud.
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