White House Jihad Music Video by Ed Hale

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White House Jihad
Blood runs down pensylvania avenue
And I find myself unfortunately hating you
Letters written home
The imposter king enthroned
Betrayal neath his nails
Footsteps on the trail
Blood laid on the ground
Our statues tumbling down
Bombs are rumbling all around us
Moonshine on my gun
I find myself more than ready to come/run home
Buried in this foreign sand
Stolen innocence my contraband
Shorthaired jesters politician thieves
have stolen all my patriotic dreams
Try remembering your prayers while killing babies in their homes
Stepping on their bibles while your busy sorting skulls
Passages are weak to redeem the so-called meek
Who don’t inherit anything but a gunshot to the head
While they’re laying in their beds
Their hearts are filled with dread
Praying for some mercy form the infidels
Who come straight from hell
Red white and blue
Come to slaughter you
Show us what you got baby
All your talk of freedom
While your war machine keeps raging
Your democracy is raining
Giant balls of thunder on our homes/souls
America where are you now
So you’ve killed one million of us now
You’ve gone and hung our leader now
And he’ll become our sacred cow
So we will blow more buildings down
In that wretched fake and plastic town
that you call America
We watched you helpless march your streets
To try and stop their evil deeds
Your righteous cause they didn’t heed
So let us remind you no good deed
Goes unpunished
All your talk of freedom
When I just lost my baby
But your news reports don’t mention it
But they sure talk about Britney Spears
The man who should be hung
I think you know the one
Long after he is gone
Your children will remember
Dm – E America where you were now
Red white and blue
Come to slaughter you
Show us what you got baby
America where are you now
Music and Lyrics by Ed Hale and Tyler Bejoian with a little help from Jay Z
(c) Copyright 2006 by TMG Records Inc.

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