After seeing the footage from the latest natural and man-made disasters to strike the South, Ed Hale decided to release the song “New Orleans Dreams” from his Ballad On Third Avenue album as the next single to radio to raise money for the American Red Cross to help people struggling down there who have lost their homes and more. Thus a portion of all proceeds from sales and digital downloads of the song will go directly to the American Red Cross.
“After seeing what’s been happening down South, I just felt like it was the right choice [to release this single] for where we are right now. We wrote the song based on what I’d seen down in Biloxi, Mississippi doing reconstruction work with Habitat for Humanity. And this was Hurricane Katrina we’re talking about. Years later, things were just as bad as they were right after the hurricane hit. It was very sad, very hard to see how little was being done by the government. So that’s where that song came from. But the people we helped, you know, the looks on their faces after they saw their houses rebuilt… man that was why we were down there. It was priceless. Then came the BP Oil Spill, right? And then this new series of floods and tornadoes… it’s like when will it ever end?! So the song just works. It’s still appropriate even though the country has elected a new president and everything appears to have changed…. for some of us maybe, but not for everyone. Not for the people of New Orleans.”
The original album version of the song has been remixed and edited by Zach Ziskin for release as a single for radio. Of this latest venture, Hale commented “Man I hope that every living breathing person on earth buys the song or downloads it so we can raise a truckload of money for the people down there. It’s only ninety-nine cents, yes, but collectively we could make a huge difference.”


Produced by Fernando Perdomo and Ed Hale
Single Version Mixed by Zach Ziskin
Recorded at The Cave, Miami Beach, FL
Published by Transcendent Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Ed Hale – Lead and background vocals, acoustic guitars
Fernando Perdomo – Acoustic guitars, bass, balalyka, keyboards
Matthew Sabatella- Background Vocals
Greg Byers – Cello
Executive Producer: Nahal Mishel-Ghashghai
Photography: Flavia Molinari
Dying Van Gogh Records
304 Park Avenue South 11th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Thanks to: Fernando Perdomo and everyone at Cave Studios for your brilliant musicianship, Zach Ziskin for your superior mixing skills, Roger Houdaille and the whole staff of Dying Van Gogh Records, Flavia Molinari for your vision, Brian Johnson and Anim8ter Freelance, Amanda Alexandrakis & South Beach Marketing & Promotion, Greg Byers, Matthew Sabatella, FMQB, friends and family, and most of all my beloved princess Little Tree.

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