First Single “Tell You True” From New Ed Hale Album Released

Dying Van Gogh Records and FieldHouse Music/BMG have released the first single from the long-awaited new Ed Hale album this week. The song “Tell You True” is a bouncy pop gem with an Adult Contemporary feel and is the first new music Hale has released as a solo artist since his 2012 release Ballad On Third Avenue broke the artist to a larger mainstream audience with the hits “New Orleans Dreams”, “I Walk Alone” and “Scene in San Francisco.
“Tell You True” is the first track on Hale’s upcoming new album, entitled So For Real, which is due out this summer. Fans of Hale’s Ballad On Third will most likely be thrilled with this latest effort. The sound of So For Real is similar in style: the foundation is still acoustic, but the songs are more polished, more eclectic and feature ample helpings of more vocals and instrumentation. In a very real sense, this collection of songs is an even easier, more pleasurable listen. Hale has dropped much of the angst run rampant throughout Ballad and sounds considerably more at ease and joyful.
The first single “Tell You True” is a testament to this observation. Straight-ahead pop with an AC radio feel, a catchy melody with a sound reminiscent of Jack Johnson or John Mayer and clocking in at less than four minutes. No high-art concept. No oddly placed instrumental passages. No sound collage intros or extended jam outros. Just good solid pop with an infectious melody that makes you want to keep coming back. The singer has made it easier this time around. A rare event for an Ed Hale release. One might also consider the possibility that having fellow Transcendence bandmate Roger Houdaille (who also fronts the indie rock band Ex Norwegian) in the producer’s seat may have contributed more than a fair share to this result.
So For Real is one of three (or four, depending on who you ask), new albums that Hale and his Transcendence bandmates are scheduled to release this year. So For Real is the first and most straightforward of the group. The album’s release was delayed by over a year due to Hale’s extended illness throughout most of 2015, something the singer has yet to discuss publicly. But once he was on the mend, mixing the 37-plus songs the band had recorded, along with mastering and artwork selection, began to ramp up again. And not a moment too soon: the new album also contains the already-much hyped “Summer Flowers”, which is set to be released as the album’s second single on June 20th along with the entire new album.
“Tell You True” is now available on the iTunes Music Store,, Spotify, Tidal and anywhere music is sold or streamed. It was recorded at Six AC Studios New York, NY, The Shire Seattle, WA and Reseda Ranch Los Angeles, CA. It was produced by Roger Houdaille and Fernando Perdomo. Music and lyrics by Ed Hale. Engineered by Jake McCaffray. Mixed and Mastered by Zach Ziskin. Photos by Fiona Pepe. Artwork by Tiny de Bruin.
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