Ed Hale

Another Day In The Apocalypse

A sneak peek at the upcoming new album by singer/songwriter, recording artist Ed Hale and his long-time musical group The Transcendence, “Another Day in the Apocalypse” is one of ten new songs on the first album of three that Hale and band are set to release this year. In what started out as a very simple quest to quickly record the follow-up to Hale’s smash hit album Ballad On Third Avenue, the band ended up recording a total of 35 songs, which will now be disbursed into three separate albums, the first of which is scheduled to be released this summer. “Another Day in the Apocalypse” was considered a contender for the first single from the album for a brief period — as well as the title of the album, but that idea was scrapped along the way. [The first album is now tentatively being called American Cinemateque, based on another song from the same album]. The video production company 8520 Media loved “Apocalypse” and asked if they could use the song for a music video regardless of whether it was ever to be released as an official single or not. And that is what one finds here in this exclusive first listen to the new songs from Ed Hale and band.

Music video written, directed and produced by Iver Thue and 8520 Media.
Music and Lyrics by Ed Hale
Music and Arrangement by Ed Hale and the Transcendence: Ed Hale, Fernando Perdomo, Roger Houdaille, Bill Sommer, Ricardo Mazzi, Matthew Sabatella, Greg Byers, Jon Rose and Paul Messina
Recorded and Engineered by Roger Houdaille, Jake McCaffray and Fernando Perdomo at Six AC Studios in New York, NY, The Shire Studios in Seattle, WA and Reseda Ranch Studios in Reseda, CA.
All songs Produced and Arranged by Ed Hale, Roger Houdaille and Fernando Perdomo
Songs Mixed and Mastered by Zach Ziskin for Funny Monkey Enterprises
Song (c) Copyright by and courtesy of Dying Van Gogh Records and Fieldhouse Music Group/BMG
Published by Transcendent Music Publishing