Ed Hale’s latest solo single, the politically-charged acoustic ballad “New Orleans Dreams”, has broken into the Top 20 on the FMQB Adult Contemporary Chart. Now receiving almost 900 spins per week on over 150 radio stations across the United States, the song is continuing to add more stations and an additional 120+ spins. Each and every move up the Top 40 is more challenging than the week before but there seems to be no stopping the singer’s poetic and lyrically melodic socio-political comment song. Big ups to all the radio stations around the country who are spinning the song, and to each and every listener who’s supporting the song with requests. Thank you! Be on the lookout for the new music video coming soon.


“New Orleans Dreams” — the latest single from Transcendence singer Ed Hale — added an additional 100 spins on Adult Contemporary radio stations across the US last week and picked up 3 more stations, pushing the song up to the #33 spot on the FMQB Top40 Chart! The song is in its sixth week since being released and there seems to be no stopping the politically themed acoustic ballad.
The event is certainly one to celebrate for fans, as this is the first entry into the slightly tamer Adult Contemporary radio format for Hale or his bandmates in the group Transcendence. “We are absolutely ecstatic around here about this,” exclaimed Hale. “Everyone at the radio stations has been so cool to us and the new fans that we’re connecting with on Facebook and Twitter are awesome. It’s been an incredible couple of weeks and we just feel very very grateful…”
The song “New Orleans Dreams” is available for download in both a shorter “radio edit” version and as the full length album version on iTunes (US)iTunes (UK) and Amazon.com as well as numerous other online music etailers. Fans new to the singer can connect, learn more about the artist and hear more songs via Facebook or Twitter.  And for those interested in the long running indie-rock collective featuring Hale, Dreaming In Stereo‘s Fernando Perdomo, and Ex Norwegian frontman Roger Houdaille, Ed Hale and The Transcendence, listeners can head to the bands website transcendence.com or Facebook Page.


Ed Hale’s first solo album in years, Ballad On Third Avenue, has charted a lot of territory for the transcendent singer/guitarist in the last year. Upon its release the album went first to college radio and spent several months on the CMJ Top 200, a radio format very familiar with both Hale and the indie-rock collective he sings and plays guitar in, Transcendence. Being a softer acoustic endeavor, the album’s second single “New Orleans Dreams” then went to the Adult Contemporary format, where it’s enjoying spins on 200+ stations and still rising up the Top40 chart (currently #33). In October the album will begin spinning on Triple A radio stations across the country. “New Orleans Dreams” is the third track on the October 2011 edition of A Taste of Triple A compilation CD, a long running tastemaker series of “all things Triple A radio” founded by revered radio veteran Jim Nelson. The CD also features tracks by the B-552s, Indigo Girls, and Oasis’s Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.
The plot thickens as the release date for the new Ed Hale and The Transcendence album, All Your Heroes Become Villains, approaches (Nov. 15th). The “Villains” album is set to hit College Radio on October 25th, and Alt-Rock Specialty Show stations on December 1st, both formats the band has charted in numerous times over the years. In the second week of January 2012 the band will release two singles simultaneously to two additional radio formats, the dark and heavy rocker “Blind Eye” to Modern Rock, and the lushly arranged pop ballad “Solaris” will begin spinning on Adult Contemporary radio stations. Of course there is a chance that Triple A stations may get in on the action and pick up on “Solaris” as well. One thing is for certain: there will be no shortage of Hale or his fellow bandmates in Transcendence on the radio over the next six months.


Ed Hale’s Latest Single “New Orleans Dreams”

Ed Hale’s new single “New Orleans Dreams,” the second from his latest solo album Ballad On Third Avenue album, can now officially be called “hit single” this week as it shot up 33 spots on the Adult Contemporary Top 200 Chart to land at #60 in only its second week, making it one of the biggest movers of the holiday weekend.
The poignant acoustic ballad with the potent message debuted on the Top 200 chart at #93 in its first week, which earned it the coveted #1 Most Added Song of the Week in the AC format, a rare feat for alt-rock crossover artists. But what nobody expected was that it would repeat the same move the following week. “Debuting in a new format as one of the Top 20 Most Added  Songs is rare, let alone the #1 spot,” commented radio promotions veteran Tom Mazzetta, “which is usually reserved for artists already familiar to listeners of the format. Doing it twice consecutively is unheard of.”
This week Hale’s “New Orleans Dreams” more than doubled the number of stations who added the song to heavy rotation, making it the #2 Most Added Song of the Week, coming in a close second to Daryl Hall’s new single “Talking” (which holds the #73 spot on the  Top 200). If the song continues at this pace, Hale might not only set a record for appearing in the Top 20 Most Added Chart three weeks in a row, but is almost assured to land somewhere in the Top 40 among AC regulars such as Adele, Train, and Bruno Mars. The song has already flown by AC favorites David Cook, Daughtry, Michael Buble and many others. Fans of Hale’s new “whisper pop” solo album who want to tune in and hear the alt-rock singer/songwriter live on the radio in their own hometown can find out which stations are playing the song by looking up the Adult Contemporary station(s) in their city by clicking here.
In the meantime, all this new-found glory at radio is helping the song rack up sales and downloads in record numbers for the singer on the iTunes Music Store and Amazon.com, proving that success and service to others are not mutually exclusive endeavors. Hale released the single originally to raise money to help disaster relief efforts to aid victims of several natural and man-made disasters that have befallen New Orleans and other Southern cities in the US by promising to donate a portion of all proceeds from sales of the song directly to the American Red Cross. So far the song is exceeding all expectations and just might land Ed Hale in a position he could never have dreamed of before the release of his Ballad On Third Avenue album: a bonafide Adult Contemporary Top Ten artist.
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