Two months after his latest hit single “Scene in San Francisco” entered the Billboard Top 30, the second from his last solo album Ballad On Third Avenue, Dying Van Gogh Records announced that Ed Hale has signed a licensing and publishing agreement with Fieldhouse Music, a division of BMG. The deal comes fifteen years and eight albums into the multi-talented New York based singer-songwriter and recording artist’s career, who has amassed a catalog of thousands of songs and had numerous placements in films, television shows and commercials over the years. John Loeffler, President of Fieldhouse Music/BMG, commented, “Fieldhouse Music/BMG is very excited about the signing of Ed Hale. He has an extensive catalog of great material and is a true talent.” Fieldhouse Music/BMG is a company that offers a new breed of music production which specializes in discovering and promoting new talent for film, commercial and TV soundtracks. Hale, who has been riding a wave of landmark successes over the course of the last two years both as a solo artist and with the rock band Ed Hale and The Transcendence, commented “The universe has been very good to us lately. I felt like I knew these guys at BMG from the first minute I walked in the door. In fact, the security guard at their office didn’t even bother to check me out or make me sign in or anything. She just looked at me and said “BMG?” and I said “Yep” and just walked right in. It was wild. Felt very comfortable. I’m psyched to see what we accomplish together.”