New Ed Hale single “Scene in San Francisco” is now available to hear free in its entirety and download on internet radio stations such as iLike, LastFM, and Jango. Transcendence singer/guitarist Ed Hale turned solo artist, albeit temporarily, with the release of this year’s acoustic flavored whisper-pop album Ballad On Third Avenue — a blatantly sentimental homage to beautiful losers and tragic lovers. The album debuted at #14 on CMJ’s Most Added Chart and has hovered at #140 in the Top 200 since its release in July, the most successful charting of the singer’s career to date. The album’s first single, the anthemic “I Walk Alone,” played on over one-hundred Triple A radio stations across the US, earning Hale crossover success and new fans in the adult contemporary market, a format far removed from Hale’s usual home in the alternative rock and college radio world. Hoping to further the success and momentum of showing the singer’s softer side, his record label (Dying Van Gogh) is releasing the album’s second single “Scene in San Francisco” in January – this time to both the Triple A market and to Top 40 radio, a bold gesture for an artist who has always been known more for eclectic inventiveness than hit-making.


A rare and unreleased radio-edit version of the song “Ballad On Third Avenue (Beautiful Losers)”  from Ed Hale’s new solo album Ballad On Third Avenue will appear on the College Music Journal’s New Music Sampler CD due to be released to subscribers only on Monday July 20th, 2009. The song has been one of the primary focus tracks for the over three-hundred college radio stations across the United States and Canada currently spinning the new album, along with tracks “Architect’s Daughter,” and “New Orleans Dreams.” The lyrics of the song were cowritten with sixteen year old up and comer Tyler Bejoian, who also cowrote four other songs on the new disc. CMJ has long been the go-to source for the newest most cutting edge music for those who want to know what the public will be listening to six months to a year from now and have been going strong since 1978. Details below.
CMJ New Music Monthly #156 // New Music Report #1112
Cover date: Mon, July 20
Starting this July and continuing monthly thereafter, the monthly print edition of CMJ New Music Report will increase its circulation to include CMJ New Music Monthly subscribers and rebrand itself as CMJ New Music, including enhanced editorial content as well as its current suite of extensive radio and chart data. The issue will be co-numbered CMJ New Music Report #1112 and CMJ New Music Monthly #156. CMJ New Music, with a redesigned format and expanded readership totaling nearly 10,000, will be mailed to subscribers of both magazines, including college and non-commercial radio reporters, music industry subscribers, and early-adopter active music tastemakers.  Accompanying each monthly issue will be a digital music compilation made available to all subscribers via CMJ.com.  CMJ New Music Report will continue to published online via 48 PDF issues annually, inclusive of these special monthly print editions.