Transcendent singer/songwriter Ed Hale will be interviewed live on air by Ryan Holmes on New York’s Blazinry Radio Show tonight (Thursday February 16th) at 8:30 pm EST. Fans can tune in and listen live at BlogTalkRadio.com/blazinry. Tune in to hear The Ambassador discuss his new hit single “Scene in San Francisco”, the socio-politics behind his last hit song “New Orleans Dreams”, the band’s latest album All Your Heroes Become Villains, the current state of affairs between Iran/US relations, the Grammy Awards and a host of other subjects.
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Tune in to Liverpool’s RadioHope 1350 radio station in the United Kingdom at 4:00 PM EST (10:00 PM UK time) to hear a one-hour live call in interview with Ed Hale of Transcendence. RadioHope is the student-run radio station of Liverpool’s Hope University. If you’re in the UK, tune in to the radio station. Everywhere else, simply CLICK HERE and listen in LIVE on the web.  Questions can be emailed in to onair@radiohope.co.uk to be answered live on the air. The very brave and adventurous can call in by dialing 011-44-0151-291-2067.


Ed Hale will be interviewed live on the radio program Vancouver Persian Radiotonight, Saturday August 28th 2010,  starting at 10:00PM PST (!:00AM EST). The two hour show is broadcast live every Saturday night on 93.1 RedFM in Vancouver BC and surrounding areas and can be heard globally on the internet at http://redfm.ca/. Hale and band are in Vancouver for their performance at the International Pop Overthrow Festival which has been running all week and weekend long in the city. They performed an electrifying set of five songs for an exuberant sold-out crowd on Friday night at The Railway Club in downtown Vancouver and then headed to a one hour interview with local TV station SHAW Channel 4 afterward. The Vancouver Persian Radio Show is a popular 2 hour current affairs program featuring interviews, listener phone-ins, commentary, and entertainment related to the Canadian Persian and Iranian community. Ed Hale is the co-founder of the non-profit organization PeaceWithIran.com, and is very active in Iranian Human Rights activism.


Ed Hale - Photo by Flavia Molinari

Ed Hale fans are delivered a rare treat this weekend by being able to call in and speak live on the air to the singer!!! Of course they can also email questions in via the internet during a live on-air interview on the weekly call-in radio program The Believe Show hosted by Barbara Bruce. The thirty-minute interview will air on Sunday August 22nd at 7:30 Eastern Standard Time or 4:30 Pacific Standard time. The long running Phoenix Arizona based program focuses on positive motivational and inspirational stories and leaders in a wide variety of industries who are making a difference in the world. The Believe Show airs on KVWM 970 AM on the radio dial in Arizona, or can be heard live online at www.barbarabruce.com. The well-spoken and well-traveled singer/songwriter/producer/entrepreneur and social activist, who is currently on a national tour in the United States promoting his latest album Ballad On Third Avenue, will as usual probably not be at a loss for words, but will instead have plenty to share about his most recent experiences on the road, his new album, or any number of the other ventures he seems always involved in at any given moment in time. Fans are welcome to start calling in to the station no earlier than 4:00 PM PST by dialing 928.368.8100.


Ed Hale with American Peace Delegation to Iran with former President Khatami
Until the passing of Michael Jackson it seemed the entire world was fixated on the recent people’s uprising in Iran and the attendant government’s controversial attempts to quell the protests. A hot topic in Western news for more than fifty years, Iran most recently came to public attention again when millions of people in Tehran and other large cities of all ages and religious backgrounds came out into the streets in droves to protest or support the second term election of Iranian president Ahmadinejad. On Saturday July 18th, 2009, singer/songwriter/political activist Ed Hale will be giving a special two-hour radio interview on one of the Western World’s most popular Iranian news programs, Vancouver Persian Radio – CKYE 93.1. The show is hosted by Iranian born Ebby Mohseni and will be broadcast live from 9:00PM to 11:00 PM PST. It can also be heard live on the internet here. In 2008 Hale, also called “The Ambassador” precisely for these kind of social and global cultural activities, co-founded the non-profit organization PeaceWithIran.com after traveling to Iran as a Civilian Diplomat on a special peace delegation where he and ten others met with the Iranian president and many other influential government and religious leaders.
Hale was surprised by the immediate popularity and the positive response the website received on a global level. A few months later he was asked to again meet with president Ahmadinejad at last year’s United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City – along with many of America’s leading peace activists – to discuss solutions for peaceful relations with the United States and other Western Powers. Since the people’s uprising in Iran after the June elections, the website that Hale and company founded as a means to create more peace with Iran became – seemingly overnight – one of the most popular and visited websites on the internet, both as a comprehensive news source updated by the minute from people all over the world, and more importantly – as a secure platform for the Iranian people to communicate with one another regarding political activism and organizing. Hale had not predicted the increased traffic, attention, or popularity the site would receive post-election – assuming it would remain a relatively transparent host for occasional Iranian cultural events and news.
Hale commented, “Well we certainly didn’t see this coming did we? Though I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was excited as hell about this. We’ve found ourselves right in the middle and on the front lines of one of the most exciting people’s democratic movements in recent history! Now I’m not sure how I or anyone outside of Iran itself can offer much that has not already been said… It’s more about what we can do, which is why I’m a little reluctant about these kinds of radio things…” Hale and co-founder Monica Bernardo have been inundated with interview requests from radio stations and newspapers from all over the world and the demand is tough to keep up with, especially considering that Hale is currently promoting a new album less than a month out of the box.
“I’m a singer and songwriter, and an artist and entertainer. I’m not an expert on politics. But there is an opportunity here to help. So we’re going to help. Like many, I love Persian culture, which is why I created the website, to share my passion for the people there. But I don’t believe that makes me a go-to guy for what is happening there now. Though at this time we are receiving hundreds of emails from all over the world with vital inside information that is not being shared with the world from the mainstream media. So if anything, I hope the increased popularity of the website and the interviews we are doing will help spread more awareness about the importance of paying more attention to the struggle of the Iranian people right now so we can do more and help them do more. That’s the real goal with this.”