It’s Tuesday and that means radio reports. “New Orleans Dreams” rose to #30 this week and picked up an additional 50+ more spins across the country. For die-hard fans, go here late Wednesday to see the actual Chart and numbers. It’s a real blast if you’ve been on board a long time with Ed as a fan or friend. There’s something super special about actually SEEING it with your own eyes instead of just hearing about it. Either way “New Orleans Dreams” continues to bring great news and we here at Dying Van Gogh Records and Green Light Go Publicity couldn’t be happier! To see a list of all the stations in the US that are currently playing the song click here to find your local hometown radio station.
For extra credit, head over to iTunes Music Store and download the single or the full length album version if you don’t already have it. Or call, text, email, or Facebook Message your local station to request the song. The FIRST PERSON who HEARS the song on their radio gets a free t-shirt and any Ed Hale or Transcendence album of their choosing. Just post a comment to Ed Hale’s Facebook Page to let everyone else know! As always BIG BIG thank yous to all the fans and listeners!
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