Editor Picks: Editor’s Pick ~ Transcendence
Posted on Thursday, June 01, 2006 @ 17:30:42 EDT
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Artist: TranscendenceGenre: Alt Pop – Brit PopHome: New York

 Reviews: Transcendence ~ Nothing Is Cohesive
Posted on Saturday, July 01, 2006 @ 06:02:18 EDT
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Artist: TranscendenceCD: Nothing is CohesiveHome: New York CityStyle: Modern RockQuote: “This group knows how to transcend musical boundaries.”By Dan MacIntosh
Transcendence is a rock band driven primarily by Ed Hale’s distinctively emotive vocals. Hale sings with an urgency that may remind you of World Party’s Karl Wallinger (anybody still remember him/them?) at times, and he often comes across like he’s overwhelmed by all of his inner feelings. The CD’s title is more of a commentary on the scattered nature of life itself, instead of the music this group makes, because the songs on this disc hold together relatively well.This group knows how to transcend musical boundaries, as these songs range from a cover of Paul McCartney’s “Tomorrow,” to one called “Caetano,” which is most likely about the Brazilian singer/social commentator Caetano Veloso. On “Caetano,” Hale’s voice tones fall somewhere between Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, and “Space Oddity”-era David Bowie. To his credit, Hale is never afraid to play the vocal chameleon if the direction of the song requires it.
There is a likeable sense of spontaneity running through these recordings, including plenty of controlled instrumental chaos (or simply put, feedback) at the end of some tracks. There is also plenty of stylistic variation here. For instance, “I Wanna Know Ya” chugs along with garage-y fervor, yet “Softening,” where the song title also describes the sound of the track, is a gentle, Todd Rundgren-y piano ballad. “If Your Baby Could” is also especially sweet, and plays out like a lullaby. Adding to the fun of this listening experience is the sexy sound of a women speaking in French between a few tracks.
It should be noted that Hale does have a bit of potty mouth at times. Never more so than on “Bored,” which – though profane – still succinctly sums up a few of entertainment business’s more harsh realities. “I’m such a f-ing whore, prostituting my integrity to secure this false celebrity,” Hale blurts out at one point.
Hale may have transformed his boredom into a notable song, but chances are you’ll never be bored by Transcendence. It may even help you transcend a few of the duller moments of your day. Check out the band at their official website