Ed Hale Travels to Israel-Palestine for Peace Mission & Spiritual Pilgrimage

Ed Hale Travels to Israel-Palestine for Peace Mission & Spiritual Pilgrimage. On October 10th, 2013 Ed Hale embarked on a two-week fact-finding mission and spiritual pilgrimage to Israel-Palestine with a small group of approximately 18 others with the Israeli-based ICCI Organization. The team will visit ‘holy sites’, attend meetings with various peace organizations and have an opportunity to stay with Palestinian families in the West Bank. Ed will be posting photos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and regular updates on his Transcendence Diaries blog. For more detailed information about the trip click here http://ift.tt/1g9fHjY
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Ed Hale Flies To Los Angeles To Finish New Albums

Ed Hale is off to Los Angeles before the holidays to spend six weeks locked up in Transcendence guitarist Fernando Perdomo’s studio, Reseda Ranch, with the goal to do whatever it takes to complete the much anticipated new album that Hale and the band have been working on since 2012.
Started at Six AC Studios in New York City in the summer of 2012, the album was meant to be a quick follow-up to Hale’s successful Ballad On Third Avenue, his first foray into the Adult Contemporary radio format — and a stark departure from the Brit-rock and indie rock Hale and band have been known for since Rise and Shine, their first album release in 2001.
The band, Ed Hale and the Transcendence, has been no stranger to their own success through the years, producing several Top 40 singles in the College Radio and Alternative Rock genres, including the hits “Better Luck Next Time”, “Superhero Girl”, “Somebody Kill the DJ”, “Vicodin” and “Girls” to name a few. But Ballad On Thirdlifted Hale to a whole new level, with the songs “New Orleans Dreams”, “I Walk Alone” and “Scene in San Francisco” each blasting up the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts and into the Top 40.
For this new batch of songs — Hale and company recorded 37 in all — Dying Van Gogh Records believes that fans should be “pleasantly surprised” with the outcome based on what they’ve heard so far. “This is gonna be great,” Perdomo enthusiastically commented on his Facebook page, “Ed Hale is a genius! And he’s gonna be here for six straight weeks working at Reseda Ranch! We’re probably going to kill each other, but I bet we’re going to create some amazing music along the way!” As of this date, the first album of the three scheduled is set to be released in the early summer of 2015.