This little nugget just surfaced. A Canadian television show called After Hours recorded and aired an episode featuring interviews and live concert footage of singer-songwriter Ed Hale and band while on tour in late 2010. The band had been on the road for five weeks and was ending their tour in Vancouver BC. The editing is a bit sketchy but it does feature two nearly full versions of the songs “Incompatible” and “Marsha’s Sleeping” being performed live, along with various other interview footage. You can see Ed and the band trying not to laugh a few times. But it’s all in good fun.


Dying Van Gogh Records has confirmed that Ed Hale and band will tour as promised in support of his latest Ballad On Third Avenue solo album. Starting on July 23rd 2010 in San Diego and ending in Vancouver, British Colombia five weeks later, the band will also perform shows in Los Angeles, Fresno, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Eureka, Eugene, Portland, Bend, Tacoma, Spokane, and Seattle. Four of the concerts will be at the International Pop Overthrow festival series: Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.
The concerts will feature at least the same five piece lineup Hale has been performing with over the last six months since the new solo album’s release: Hale, seated as he’s been for all of the dates supporting the new album, on acoustic guitar and vocals; accompanied by piano, keyboards, cello, and bass guitar.  Drums may or may not find a place on stage with the band this time out. “The last show we did was at the IPO concert in New York and we didn’t have Derek there [drummer], and frankly we all thought it actually sounded better. You could hear more of the subtle intricacies and melodies that all the other more melodic instruments were playing without the pounding of the drums,” Hale commented. “I think it just has to do with the idea of these songs being acoustic, very soft and intimate. We also tend to be able to improvise a lot more without drums… the crowd loves it, it’s trance-like man, and let’s face it, that’s a dream come true for us to be able to just go off like that into these nether worlds of sound whenever we want to and break free from the rhythm completely. We can’t easily do that with drums on board.”
Cities and dates are being posted on and on the Ed Hale Page on Facebook so check periodically as more cities are added. No plans yet for Mid West or East Coast have been announced.


Ed Hale and band just announced two new concert appearances, both in New York. The Transcendence singer/songwriter/guitarist just released his latest solo album, the critically acclaimed Ballad On Third Avenue – a melodic gem and lyrical milestone for Hale that sounds and feels like an homage to getting lost and losing in the streets of New York and still coming out winning. Tour dates so far have been few and far between; even though the album stayed in the college radio charts all summer and the first single, the anthemic “I Walk Alone”, has been tearing it up on commercial radio making Hale more and more a household name for the emo set. Dying Van Gogh Records assures that Hale will add more tour dates as the album gains more traction at radio. For now fans will have to settle for the few that crop up now and then. Two such happen to be in the Big Apple. Stay tuned for additional updates.
October 2nd, 2009 Friday Night – New York City, NY USA – Fall Fest – Christ Church – 6:30 PM. Corner of 60th st. and Park Avenue. Tickets $10 at the door. Two hours of bands. Ed Hale is one of the featured artists. Band will consist of Hale on vocals and acoustic guitar, Peter Capelle on piano, and a cellist. Will perform 4 songs from new album Ballad On Third Avenue.
November 7th, 2009 Saturday – New York City, NY USA – International Pop Overthrow Festival – 3:30 PM Sharp. Kenny’s Castaways 157 Bleecker St. New York 212 979-9762 $10 at door gets you in for all acts that day and night till midnight. FULL SIX-PIECE BAND CONCERT featuring acoustic guitar, piano, cello, bass, drums, mellotron, and vocals – performing songs from new album Ballad On Third Avenue.