Ed Hale Starts Giving Guitar & Songwriting Master Classes

The guitar obsessed singer/songwriter Ed Hale performs his American Summer on a Norman B18

Singer, songwriter, guitarist Ed Hale who records and releases albums both solo and with his longtime bandmates in The Transcendence has announced that he’s going to be starting to give guitar and songwriting master classes in metropolitan New York at his home recording studio.

The singer has been very active on social media, namely Instagram and YouTube with his new Transcendent Television project, regularly posting episodes discussing favorites among his extensive guitar collection or premiering his newest songs. It’s been an exciting process to watch in the more stripped down and less flashy format than we are accustomed to from the singer. Dare we say we are slowly getting to know the real Ed Hale just a little bit better than we ever have before.

Taking to giving in person master classes in both guitar and songwriting in his home studio takes it to a whole new level of “personal” for the usually more crafted and calculated performer. “I think the older we get the more real we get, right? And I dig showing younger artists what’s up,” Hale says about the new project. “Whether it’s turning them on to all the older music that created some of the greatest music in the rock and roll pantheon, or just showing them how to freely play with passion till they can’t stop smiling, it’s a f*^king thrill to do and then witness man.”

For an artist who’s known for his prolific songwriting — Hale bandmates say the singer writes nonstop 24 hours a day, pumping out 10 to 25 songs a week, and his obsessive use of unconventional open guitar tunings, the question is how much is Ed Hale going to reveal in his master classes. That’s going to be the big mystery that only students who enter the singer’s studio / guitar museum will discover. It should be quite the experience. One student we could get a hold of who’s taken a few lessons with Hale commented “I got to my first lesson at Ed’s place early. I was really nervous. But Ed opens the door in his bathrobe eating a bowl of Captain Crunch! And he’s like “hey what’s up dude? You’re early. Come on in. Let’s jam.” It was amazing!”

That does sound cool. No doubt about it.

Those interested should visit the website for Hale’s new venture Guitar Lessons Master Classes of New York for more info or to book a session.

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