Recorded in October 2006 in Miami, Florida while recording the Transcendence album All Your Heroes Become Villains, the two-part “Happy Columbus Day” monologue video by Ed Hale was one of the very first videos posted to the YouTube channel TranscendentTV. Since that time, Hale posted over one-hundred and twenty videos of a wide variety of content to YouTube in a little more than half a year citing it as a cultural experiment. Often misunderstood, the controversial video is straight-faced, biting, sarcastic, and entirely tongue and cheek the singer claims. Happy hunting and happy Columbus Day!

Ed's new drum

Yes… so i had bought this african drum. i had always wanted a real african drum. Not an american made african drum but a real authentic made in africa one. and i finaly bought one… i was so excited that for a very short time i played it all the time… but my fellow travellers on the bus didn’t much like that… which they didnt have too hard of a time communicating to me… i believe it was baby kaye who said something to the effect of “uh Ed, pardon me, but when youre sleeping we are cognizant of it and we try to be quiet… get it?” And i was like “So you dont want me to play my drum on the bus?” “Exactly.” So they made me a new quieter one.

Ed Hale Posts Photo of the Inside of a Slave Dungeon Ghana Africa

Ed Hale just returned from a two week homebuilding trip in Ghana in West Africa with Habitat for Humanity. He also had the opportunity to visit the so-called slave dungeons on the coast towards the end of the trip. Above is a photo from that portion of the trip. Hale commented, “Yes they looked like this. yes they smelled. yes it is every bit as awful as one imagines. It’s the soul’s darkness. We are f**king animals. I am ashamed and horrified.” Luckily Hale also created a ten episode Transcendent Television series of video shorts which can be viewed below.