Ed Hale to Perform First of Three CD Release Concerts First in Miami July 1st

Ed Hale will perform the first of at least three CD release concerts for his new solo album Ballad On Third Avenue. The first next Wednesday in Miami, Florida at the city’s Gibson Guitar Showroom. All of the shows will be marketedly different than Transcendence concerts in that Hale will be performing with the five-piece all star line-up that played on the new album (including several of his bandmates in Transcendence) but they will be performing the shows seated on acoustic instruments due to the quieter more subdued nature of the album, a style Hale has described as ‘whisper pop.’ The band will play only a small selection of songs from the acoustic indie pop album at first, the label deciding to wait until after the album and lead single, “I Walk Alone” hits radio before a full scale tour with two-hour plus shows that might even include strapping on electric instruments after an intermission.
Other cities announced for CD Release Concerts are New York and Los Angeles. New York’s venue has already been announced, the venerable Abingdon Theatre off Broadway in Manhattan. There is also talk of the group doing the tour for this album performing only at the twenty plus Gibson Showrooms around the country. The band includes Derek Cintron (DC3) on drums, Matthew Sabatella (Ballad of America) on percussion and backing vocals, Roger Houdaille (Ex Norwegian, Transcendence) on bass and vocals, Fernando Perdomo (Transcendence, Dreaming In Stereo) on keyboards, and Greg Byers (Breakup Season) on cello. 9:00PM Sharp (time slots are tight) – Official Ballad On Third Avenue CD Release Concert Miami. The concert also features other Dying Van Gogh Records artists Ex Norwegian, Dreaming In Stereo plus special guests Pretty Pink & Vic Kingsley. 180 NE 39th St Miami, FL, United States 33137

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