Scene In San Francisco


(E. Hale – W. Sommer)
Here’s a little something that I’ve written
I know you won’t believe it but I
Want to talk about it
What we did last summer and I
Am ready to relieve it
If you think that you can take cause I
I, I, I’m going to San Francisco
I have got that letter
The one you never finished it’s true
That I can still remember
That scene in San Francisco when you
Left me in the morning
Alone without a warning or clue
When you, you left me in San Francisco
You had all those flowers in your hair like the song
One day you were there and then the next day you were gone
The truth is that you left me standing there and all alone in San Francisco
I can see your tattered spirit
Though you don’t believe it it’s true
And if you’ll only see me
I will try my best to see your point of view
I don’t know if you’re coming
But I have to keep my faith in what I knew
That I, I, loved you in San Francisco

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