It’s Tuesday and that means radio reports. “New Orleans Dreams” rose to #30 this week and picked up an additional 50+ more spins across the country. For die-hard fans, go here late Wednesday to see the actual Chart and numbers. It’s a real blast if you’ve been on board a long time with Ed as a fan or friend. There’s something super special about actually SEEING it with your own eyes instead of just hearing about it. Either way “New Orleans Dreams” continues to bring great news and we here at Dying Van Gogh Records and Green Light Go Publicity couldn’t be happier! To see a list of all the stations in the US that are currently playing the song click here to find your local hometown radio station.
For extra credit, head over to iTunes Music Store and download the single or the full length album version if you don’t already have it. Or call, text, email, or Facebook Message your local station to request the song. The FIRST PERSON who HEARS the song on their radio gets a free t-shirt and any Ed Hale or Transcendence album of their choosing. Just post a comment to Ed Hale’s Facebook Page to let everyone else know! As always BIG BIG thank yous to all the fans and listeners!
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“New Orleans Dreams” — the latest single from Transcendence singer Ed Hale — added an additional 100 spins on Adult Contemporary radio stations across the US last week and picked up 3 more stations, pushing the song up to the #33 spot on the FMQB Top40 Chart! The song is in its sixth week since being released and there seems to be no stopping the politically themed acoustic ballad.
The event is certainly one to celebrate for fans, as this is the first entry into the slightly tamer Adult Contemporary radio format for Hale or his bandmates in the group Transcendence. “We are absolutely ecstatic around here about this,” exclaimed Hale. “Everyone at the radio stations has been so cool to us and the new fans that we’re connecting with on Facebook and Twitter are awesome. It’s been an incredible couple of weeks and we just feel very very grateful…”
The song “New Orleans Dreams” is available for download in both a shorter “radio edit” version and as the full length album version on iTunes (US)iTunes (UK) and Amazon.com as well as numerous other online music etailers. Fans new to the singer can connect, learn more about the artist and hear more songs via Facebook or Twitter.  And for those interested in the long running indie-rock collective featuring Hale, Dreaming In Stereo‘s Fernando Perdomo, and Ex Norwegian frontman Roger Houdaille, Ed Hale and The Transcendence, listeners can head to the bands website transcendence.com or Facebook Page.


Ed Hale’s first solo album in years, Ballad On Third Avenue, has charted a lot of territory for the transcendent singer/guitarist in the last year. Upon its release the album went first to college radio and spent several months on the CMJ Top 200, a radio format very familiar with both Hale and the indie-rock collective he sings and plays guitar in, Transcendence. Being a softer acoustic endeavor, the album’s second single “New Orleans Dreams” then went to the Adult Contemporary format, where it’s enjoying spins on 200+ stations and still rising up the Top40 chart (currently #33). In October the album will begin spinning on Triple A radio stations across the country. “New Orleans Dreams” is the third track on the October 2011 edition of A Taste of Triple A compilation CD, a long running tastemaker series of “all things Triple A radio” founded by revered radio veteran Jim Nelson. The CD also features tracks by the B-552s, Indigo Girls, and Oasis’s Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.
The plot thickens as the release date for the new Ed Hale and The Transcendence album, All Your Heroes Become Villains, approaches (Nov. 15th). The “Villains” album is set to hit College Radio on October 25th, and Alt-Rock Specialty Show stations on December 1st, both formats the band has charted in numerous times over the years. In the second week of January 2012 the band will release two singles simultaneously to two additional radio formats, the dark and heavy rocker “Blind Eye” to Modern Rock, and the lushly arranged pop ballad “Solaris” will begin spinning on Adult Contemporary radio stations. Of course there is a chance that Triple A stations may get in on the action and pick up on “Solaris” as well. One thing is for certain: there will be no shortage of Hale or his fellow bandmates in Transcendence on the radio over the next six months.


It’s a dream come true for eclectic singer/songwriter Ed Hale of the rock group Ed Hale and the Transcendence (formerly Transcendence). His latest single “New Orleans Dreams” has risen to the #43 position on the FMQB Adult Contemporary Chart this week and once again hit the Top 5 Most Added Songs of the Week Chart for the fourth consecutive week since its release.
For long time fans of Ed Hale the news has got to be as much a “dream come true” as it is for the singer. Hale has been a favorite with critics and tastemakers since his debut album release nearly nine years ago, but he has never achieved major commercial radio success.  That is until now. Fans can feel free to pinch themselves all they want and still tune their radios to “those stations that play the softer hit songs” on the FM dial to hear the indie artist singing the “Radio Edit” version of  his song “New Orleans Dreams” from his latest solo album Ballad On Third Avenue.
Fans are encouraged to put their listening ears on and get those fingers out. The next few weeks will be crucial for Hale and fans as the higher the song rises so too does the competition. In uncharted waters much like the floods of the post-Katrina South that Hale sings about in the song, “New Orleans Dreams” needs to rise just three more spots to enter the Top 40 Chart where it will be greeted by such regulars as AdeleColdplayTrainOne Republic, and Lady Gaga. A big coup for the New York based boutique indie record label Dying Van Gogh. And an even bigger coup for an artist like Hale who has never wavered from continuously releasing music regardless of which “format of radio” plays his albums or not.
Of course a Top 40 hit single less than two months before the long awaited new Transcendence album All Your Heroes Become Villains is released could do wonders for the modern rock outfit who haven’t released an album of new material in almost five years. Three of the band members released solo albums in the interim: Hale, bassist Roger Houdaille formed the indie rock sensations known as Ex Norwegian, and lead guitarist Fernando Perdomo formed the “prog-pop” super group Dreaming in Stereo.


Attention Ed Hale fans and friends: Hale’s latest single “New Orleans Dreams”continued its rise up the charts this week in the Adult Contemporary format, adding an additional +75 spins and four more stations. This week the song shot from #60 to the #51 spot, securing a third consecutive week on the Top 5 Most Added Chart and making it one of the AC Gainers of the Week (biggest jumps on the charts).
Just 11 spots more till Hale enters the Top 40 for the very first time in this new mellower radio format for the usually alt-rock singer. Download the song today from either iTunes or Amazon.com! “New Orleans Dreams” is available in either the full length album version or the shorter Radio Edit version. Sales of either automatically donate a portion of the proceeds to The American Red Cross to help the people of New Orleans.


Ten years after the events of September 11th, 2001, Transcendence lead singer/guitarist looks back and shares his story, where he was, and the makings of one of the band’s most endearing songs and music videos, “Rebuild America.” Read it here in The Transcendence Diaries.
Listen to the song “Rebuild America” — the 9/11 tribute song Ed Hale and the Transcendence recorded in 2001. Download from the iTunes Music Store right from this player. Proceeds from all downloads go to New York’s Robin Hood Foundation to help 9/11 Victims’ Families.


Ed Hale’s Latest Single “New Orleans Dreams”

Ed Hale‘s third and latest single from his Ballad On Third Avenue album“New Orleans Dreams”, debuted at #93 on the Adult Contemporary Top 200 Chart this week, tying with Britney Spears and Christina Perri, making it the #1 Most Added song of the week in the United States AC market. The song is also quickly racking up spins on radio stations in twenty-two other countries, making it one of the hottest movers internationally.
Hale is most well known as the lead singer and guitarist for the eclectic indie-rock band Transcendence. This is his first appearance on the Adult Contemporary charts. Asked how he felt about his growing popularity in the new format, and notably, being tied with Spears, the singer replied “Quite honestly I couldn’t do anything but cry for the first few minutes after I heard the news. I think it’s freaking great.”
Hale’s record label, Dying Van Gogh Records, claims that fans of the singer’s edgier alt-rock style have nothing to fear. Ed Hale and the Transcendence are due to release their first album of new material in five years, the long awaited All Your Heroes Become Villains, on November 15th; and word on the street is that it’s the heaviest most cohesive album the band’s ever recorded. The first single from Villains, the guitar and drum heavy “Blind Eye” is due to be released in early October.


Ed Hale‘s latest single “New Orleans Dreams,” which was released this week in the US, is quickly gaining attention in the Adult Contemporary radio world, picking up spins on over two-hundred radio stations coast to coast. The delicate acoustic ballad with the poignant message about Post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans has also started picking up airplay in over twenty-one other countries, including far away Australia, New Zealand, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, and Sweden among others. Today it was announced that the song was added to the “New To Q” radio station, a popular national radio station in the UK that is broadcast out of London and associated with the uber hip Q music magazine. The United Kingdom has treated Hale’s latest album more than kind, as his “New Orleans Dreams” are now spinning in all four Countries in the region: Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Hale, who is half English, says that he couldn’t be happier.
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Singer/songwriter Ed Hale signed a two year product endorsement agreement with German luxury headphone manufacturer UltraSone this week guaranteeing the singer will use UltraSone headphones exclusively for his new album. Hale, who is currently in the recording studio in New York City commented Friday “Obviously UltraSone headphones sound great. Without that there’s really nothing else. But really sold me was their S-Logic Surround Sound technology. It enables listeners to listen at much lower levels than we normally do and still hear the music we are creating which translates into much less potential for hearing damage or hearing loss. This is more than important I would think.”
No details about the agreement were made public but Dying Van Gogh Records stated that the artist is in the process of signing multiple product endorsement deals including last week’s agreements with MikTekmicrophones and Dean Markley guitar strings. Hale earned his street cred back in the heyday of the jangly guitar rock of the early nineties and has never been shy about saying no to product placement or advertising no matter what the benefits. He and his band Transcendence boycotted participation in the Budweiser Battle of the Bands Concert Series after they won the competition and once made waves by refusing to appear in a guest spot on the Howard Stern show.
“I don’t see how or why that particular decision caused any waves at all. What the hell does the Howard Stern show have anything to do with what we do in Transcendence?” the singer was quoted as saying. “What we are looking for are companies whose products we actually use, or want to use, companies we admire, who are aligned with the bigger mission. UltraSone is breaking boundaries. Their headphones are incredible sounding AND they have new technology that actually respects the health of the listener. That’s innovative. Big ups to them.” Hale is currently excited about a possible agreement with the Gibson guitar company.


With the success of his new solo album Ballad On Third Avenue still climbing, singer/songwriter Ed Hale of the rock band Transcendence has been keeping busy. One of the activities that seemingly go hand in hand with rock stardom is product endorsement deals. But don’t expect Hale to show up on TV talking about a new car or sporting a new signature pair of sneakers just yet. In the past month though the singer has signed numerous product endorsement deals but so far has been keeping it in the biz, the music biz that is.
First came a two year exclusive agreement to use only Dean Markley guitar strings, both on stage and in the recording studio. Next was a new microphone for the singer known for crafting songs where the vocals are everything. Hale chose to go with American made MikTek. “I’ve been using Neuman U-87s for so long now… I really didn’t think there was anything better. But I was wrong,” said the singer about the microphone company. “A sales guy at Sweetwater actually turned me on to the MikTek CV4 and C7 microphones, and lo and behold days later I received an offer to try them out for myself and endorse them professionally. Total flow. What amazes everyone about these mics is that they sound as good and sometimes even better than microphones that are two to three times the cost! They are absolutely awesome in every sense of the word. And what’s more they’re made in the USA. And right now, at least to me, that’s a very good thing.”
Regarding Dean Markley guitar strings, Hale commented “Man I’ve been using Dean Markley strings since I was a kid. They’re it. Their technology is mind blowing, this new Alchemy Series they have is incredible. The strings are frozen so they last like ten times longer than other strings, and they’re double and triple wound which greatly reduces string buzz and keeps them in tune a lot longer. For someone like me who uses a lot of open tunings, this was a dream come true, a guitar string made for players who stretch the hell out of their strings in ways that aren’t necessarily traditional. I am more than honored to use Dean Markley strings exclusively. Keep ‘em coming. They’re awesome.”
Hale is known primarily as a singer and guitarist. He has fronted the modern rock band Transcendence for more than ten years and also releases albums and tours as a solo artist. Integrity has always been a calling card for the singer and his music. Thus he has attempted through the years to avoid product endorsement agreements that don’t make sense to his basic ethos. “I think random product placement in exchange for cash is bullshit,” Hale stated rather bluntly regarding the announcement of this new series of endorsement deals he has entered into. “There are always other ways to get funding if you’re serious about maintaining your integrity and still raise capital for your projects. Actors wear a different freaking watch every year just for cash. It’s prostifuckingtution is what it is. I don’t wear watches so how the hell can I endorse one? But microphones, guitar strings, these things make sense. I use them. If someone sees that I use a particular piece of gear they can be guaranteed that it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with how much I like the company and its products.”
Next up Hale is set to tie up agreements with keyboard mavens Kurzweil and Nord and is eager to speak with the Gibson and Taylor guitar companies.